Specializing in Exotic Pet Care

Pet Surgical Services

At Carlton Animal Hospital, we provide many surgical services including routine pet spaying and neutering, all soft-tissue and some orthopaedic surgeries. We also specialize in special exotic pet surgeries. Dr. Joseph has experience with providing care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, birds, lizards, snakes, and ferrets among others. Needless to say, our St. Catharines animal hospital has good reviews. If you are curious as to whether Dr. Joseph would be able to treat your specific exotic pet, please call our office at (289) 362-3900 and our receptionists will be able to answer any questions you may have. We are not equipped to see farm animals or horses.

Pet Surgery

surgeryWhen Dr. Joseph performs surgery on your pet, he does so using sterile surgical techniques, gas anaesthesia and the assistance of a surgical technician (nurse). For your pet’s comfort and safety, Dr. Joseph also has equipment that will monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate, ECG, breathing patterns and temperature continuously during the surgery.

Any surgical procedure’s success depends greatly on proper home care after the surgery. At the time of release, we will provide instructions concerning home care and feeding. Call us if you suspect that things are not progressing well or if anything happens that the doctor or technician has not mentioned.