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Dog Grooming and Health

Knowing is winning half the battle. Be informed about how to take care of your pets and avoid unnecessary events. Taking preventative measures is vital to ensure that your dogs health and happiness is under control. Man's best friend needs a good looking over every now and again. Here are some examples of what you...

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Cat Scratching

There are many good reasons why your cat will scratch and claw around the house, none of which is a desire to destroy your furniture.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

For a cat to use its claws is a perfectly natural behaviour, which incidentally has a number of positive benefits, some of which are stretching and exercise for...
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Dog Barking

Barking is a dog's principle means of communicating, and should be expected to a certain degree. However, when your dog's barking becomes disruptive to your household or to the neighbourhood, there are disciplinary options. Using rewards and positive reinforcement to teach your dog to bark when you say "speak" will enable you to introduce a "quiet" command...
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