Specializing in Exotic Pet Care


Are you looking fur a new bunderful vet? I have met the most courteous, caring, thoughtful and intelligent vet in all of Niagara Region. After many years of taking my cats, dogs, all birds, parrots, reptiles, ferrets, hamsters and bunnies to many other vets to only be charged too much or they are still sick after, as they were misdiagnosed, or they have died either on their table or shortly after. This Doctor is simply “amazing”. He Owns Carlton Animal Hospital, which is Located on Lake St.


Finally, someone who cares about us (the animals) more than how deep the owner’s pockets might be! Dr. Joseph diagnosed my diabetes after it was totally ignored by my former veterinarian, something that upsets me VERY much, especially, after all the donations my father made to my former vet. I am letting all the dogs who come through our office just how good & caring a man Dr. Joseph is!! Thank you.


Dr. Joe is a very nice man and puts patient care over profit. My 16-year-old cat was in ill health. Court Animal Hospital advised me putting me to sleep was the only option. Went to Dr. Joe for a second opinion and with some medication and TLC, he helped my old cat to good health. Thank you! You’re now our regular critter doctor!


If you are looking for fair prices and a Vet who truly cares more about your pets health than lining his pocket, Dr. Joseph is absolutely amazing. I recently got a new puppy-the care and cost was amazing. Then a couple weeks ago, my 9 yr old cat had a hit and run with a truck-Dr Joseph took my Emily right away and helped with the pain, then surgery then healing…I am on a budget and was prepared to put her down for cost reasons, I know if I had gone elsewhere I would have paid far more.

KIM, St. Catharines, ON