Specializing in Exotic Pet Care


Glad to see the great reviews as I recommended some of these clients myself….I only wish I had met him before I had to put one very special friend of mine down due to a liver disease…I know Dr. Joseph would have helped me care for her and return her to good health…he is a kind and caring doctor and although he may not have the fanciest facility the affordability makes it possible to get the regular checkups required and prevent health issues in the future. Truly a doctor who cares!

SHERRY, St. Catharines, ON

Dr. Joseph is a wonderful, kind and caring veterinarian. My dog was in need of immediate medical attention, I called several veterinarians and their offices were closed, or I had to make an appointment the next day. Dr. Joseph saw my dog immediately. I was pleasantly surprised that my bill was far less than what I was expecting. I highly recommend Dr. Joseph.

KAY, St. Catharines, ON

Awesome vet….knowledgeable, caring and thorough. The staff are personable and genuinely concerned about not only our pets welfare but that of the owners also. Excellent hours that fit working schedules.

ROXANNE Y, St. Catharines, ON

The best vet in St. Catharines. A caring and compassionate person. I just lost my BooBoo and both Dr. Joseph and his wonderful wife Christabel were there for me. I am so pleased that I have found two great people who are there for my pets and also for the mom and dad. I have complete trust in you Dr. Joseph. See you soon. Hi Christabel.

BELLA G, St. Catharines, ON